This bundle package allows you to time stamp precisely the measurements of the PQube 3.

The package consists of :

  • An optical isolated remote GPS receiver and antenna
  • A snap-in synchronization module for PQube 3 (MS1-PPS-XT-XXXX)
  • A 9m (30ft) cable to connect the synch module to the receiver and antenna (CABLE-GPS-8P-RJ45-09M-00)


  • The most precise time-stamps available – better than one microsecond for microPMU, and better than Class A (by a factor of 10) for power quality
  • Safest, most noise-free GPS receiver available – PSL-patent-pending full electrical isolation
  • Capture more satellites. Signal-loss-free cable. Receiver/antenna together, in a single ultra-high- sensitivity module
  • Fully digital cable (not ordinary co-ax) – simple, easy installation with inexpensive CAT5 Ethernet fittings
  • Perfectly synchronized time-stamps from PQube 3’s that are far apart from each other
  • Converts your PQube 3 into a convenient NTP server, too – time sync for other PQube 3’s, and your other devices
  • Roof-mount, window-mount, or special pole-mount bracket
  • This is the time reference used in the ARPA-E Micro-Synchrophasor project

Order Part Numbers: GPS-SYNC-MS1-GPS1