CTI-5A CT Interface Module

Ultra-precise calibrated shielded split-core CT


  • Ultra-accurate – fully Certified to IEC 62053-22 Class 0,2S and ANSI Class 0.2 revenue accuracy – and unlike some other instruments, this certification includes the full system: both your PQube®3 accuracy and your CTI-5A accuracy, combined!
  • Ultra-safe – the withstand capability for one second without damage is 250 amps for CTI-5A.
  • Ultra-compatible – less than 0.1 VA burden on your CT, easily compatible with existing instrument/meter/protection transformers
  • Ultra-convenient – DIN-rail mounting, no power required, and up to five meters distant from your PQube® 3 (12″ cable standard)
  • Ultra-accuracy for harmonics– fully certified to IEC 61000-4-7 Class I harmonic current requirements!

Connect your PQube 3 to five-Amp output current transformers. Ideal for measuring currents from existing metering/protection/instrumentation current transformers.

Order Part Number: CTI-5A-XX

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